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Social networking is a different marketing animal. It’s about making more personal and meaningful connections – linking in to a person’s mindset. At Impetus, we combine curiosity, youth, salesmanship and experience to let social media strategies off the leash, so to speak.

Social media gives your brand an online presence that, if done properly, makes you a welcome part of your audience’s community. We help clients make the most of social networking, analyzing your existing company strategy and web presence, setting measurable goals, determining the best social channels to engage, establishing rules of engagement, and following through.

While it may seem simple, effective social networking takes hard work – going beyond mere monitoring and posting to create content that provides relevant information, sparks conversations, draws in new fans, entertains and inspires.

Services include:
Facebook Campaigns
Twitter Campaigns
Content Development
Conversation Monitoring and Engagement
YouTube Videos and Channels
Blogger Relations
Blogger Promotions and Affiliate Programs
Product Reviews
Google +

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