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Client: APPA- Pets Add Life

Five years ago data showed that pet ownership was slowing in growth and flat in some categories. After decades of enjoying continued growth, for the first time in their history, industry leaders recognized the need for cohesive effort to proactively encourage adoption and ownership. APPA turned to the Impetus Agency to develop a campaign to help the industry grow pet ownership.

Our team researched key findings and identified the best type of campaign (an affinity campaign), our target audience (current and past pet owners), key messages (meta benefits of pet owners), a focus on multiple pet ownership, and the most cost effective communication tools (social media). We launched a social campaign that utilized the most modern platforms including viral videos and bloggers to spread the message that pets are fun and provide love and companionship.

Now moving into the campaign’s fourth year, we achieved or exceeded all our milestones for 2013! 22 million video views, 120 million brand impressions, 250,000 Facebook Fans, and 20,000 Twitter followers and numerous industry awards and accolades to boot! And, the bottom line? The PAL campaign helped contribute to an increase in multiple pet ownership and pet ownership overall- an increase of almost 10% since the start of the campaign!

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