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Client: Out Pet Care

Looking to capitalize on their involvement in NASCAR, OUT! Pet Care charged Impetus with generating buzz and entries into their Daytona Trip Sweepstakes, as well as reaching 9,000 Facebook fans in a time span of 3 months.

In order to meet these objectives, we helped develop a customized Facebook platform that enabled our target audience to enter the Daytona Sweepstakes directly from the OUT! Facebook page, to not only promote the contest, but also the fan page. Additionally, we ran a variety of strategic fan giveaways, each aimed at increasing fan base.

Because of the customized Facebook platform, there were over 30,000 unique entries in the Daytona Sweepstakes. Not only did Impetus achieve our goal of hitting 9,000 fans in 3 months, but also generated 10.8 million OUT! brand impressions across Facebook.

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