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Client: Veterinary Ventures

Manage and provide strategic business and marketing solutions for a budding pet product company.

Due to the increasing demand for products in both volume and scope, Veterinarian, Dr. Mary Burns needed a solution. NorthStar, Burns’ business consultants at the time, acquired her company, Vet Ventures INC. in 2002. Under NorthStar’s management, Veterinary Ventures grew into a multi-million dollar company with annual increasing sales and profits. Operated out of northern Nevada, Veterinary Ventures Inc.’s top customers in 2009 included PetSmart, PETCO, AMAZON.com and Drs. Foster & Smith. Northstar engaged the services of the Impetus Agency to market the company and brand its products through a campaign that incorporated advertising in trade and consumer magazines, features in consumer, pet and mainstream media outlets and a social media campaign.

In the 8 year’s holding period with Veterinary Ventures, NorthStar experienced a 3,580% un-discounted overall rate of return. With Northstar’s Guidance in finance, operations and research and development, many products were developed that won national awards. That coupled with a successful marketing campaign positioned the company as very attractive to large multi-brand companies and in May 2010, it was sold to Pet Safe/Radio Systems.

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